Offshore Performance Powerboats

Offshore powerboats come in all sizes, but the most exhilarating is Fusion X Marine’s 15-ft mini speedboat giving you the adventure of your life. We recommend these powerful speedboats be outfitted with a 20 to 50 HP outboard engine with 20 in. shaft and 10 ft. control cable.

Fusion X Marine powerboats have been tested by the US Coast Guard for safety compliance and passed with flying colors. The fiberglass hull design allows for easy maneuverability, which allows for higher speed and improved handling. Also, the shape of the actual boat is usually very streamlined, which minimizes air resistance and drag, therefore increasing speed.

X-15 Mini Speedboat

X-15 Red Boat Tow

X-27 Speedboat Coming Soon!

X-27 Red Boat Sunset


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